She Is…

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She is my #PassionPainandPleasure. Its #UnFortunate the way things ended. We yelled, argued and screamed trying to prove the other was wrong. We were just so #Blind to what we had. When I get #Alone I find myself with a bottle of Jack #BottomsUp taking it to the head.

I contemplate walking up her driveway and ring the #DoorBell. In hopes we can end this all with a #Massage. Her #RedLipstick tracing my neck as she makes #LoveFaces during this moment of pure bliss. But its obvious #WeCantBeFriends. I text, no reply. I call, no answer then leave a voice mail begging her to #PleaseReturnMyCall.

The stress of it all is too much to bare. She says she just wants to be happy and I reply #YouJustNeedMe because we were #MadeToBeTogether. We have an #Unusual love.

My momma never warned me about this. We make up just to break up and I think to myself #HereWeGoAgain. I wish I could walk away from it all with no regrets. She is truly my #PassionPainandPleasure.



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     One day, on a hot Sunday afternoon in a country side church. A congregtion was ready for benediction. The pastor asked one of the church members to lead the dismissal prayer. And as like another stubborn, older church, no one volunteered. And as the pastor turned around in disappointment, a little girl, no older than 8 comes skipping down the aisle, with dress in hand. She tugs on the preachers coat and reaches for the mic. Slightly confused but filled with joy the preacher hands the little girl the mic and says here you are. 

     The little girl smiled, eyes big and bright, took the mic and said thank you. She turned to the congregtion, took a deep breath and went for it. A..B..C..D..E..F..G…….H..I..J..K..L.M.N.O.P….Q..R..S…T..U..V..W….Y….and Z. She turned back to the pastor, handed him the mic and skipped back to her pew just as she came. The older members were confused, the young kids laughed and pointed, but the pastor smiled and dismissed the church.

     A week later, the pastor asked the church again for a volunteer to close the service in prayer. He looked around for someone as he did the week earlier. He waited and waited. Out of spite, the young kids jokingly pointed to the little girl to volunteer. She looked at the older kids, looked at her mom, shrugged, got up and skipped down to the alter. Pastor smiled as she the little girl made her way to do her thang.

     She smiled, reached for the mic and turned to the church. A..B..C..D..E..F..G…….H..I..J..K..L.M.N.O.P….Q..R..S…T..U..V..W….Y….and Z. She handed the mic to the pastor and skipped back to her seat. The older kids pointed and laughed like they did the wee before. As she made her way up the aisle, one of the mothers of the church, grab her by this little elbow and pulled her to closer. ‘Little girl, dont you know he asked you to pray. Not say you ABC’s. Do you know what it means to pray?’ the older lady said. The little girl looked at the lady, eyes so bright and full of joy. Well lady, I learned that there are times when you try to pray and you just dont have the words to say. You just open you mouth and just say anything. Because the words that dont come out of your mouth enter into his ears. Then she took her elbow and skipped back to her seat.

     Its amazing that this little girl spoke so profoundly. Because God doesnt care about the words you say. He doesnt care how big or small they are or how they sound. He cares about how genuie and open your heart is. So whenever you want to talk to God but you dont know what words to say, just know he hears you loud and clear.

                          *hums the ABC song to self*

U r RllY DuMb 4r3L!

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     The year is currently 2011. A year were technology is more apart of everyones’ life as it was never imagined before. I remember being a kid back in the 90’s, on the verge of entering into the new era of the 2000s, thinking cars will be flying in the sky much like airplanes do. I was so excited at the infinite possibilities the 2000s hold. From walkmans to ipods, desktops to laptops, books to e-readers, pagers to BLACKBERRIES (and iPhones because I know how worked up you iPhone owners get), technology has made life (insert fancy 6 letter word for better here).

     Although technology has greatly improved life, it has also cripped and/or showed how DUMB some of you people are. “You” is not targeted towards a particular group of people, just a generalization of a large population. I am not, nor have I not claimed to be a super duper intelligent person by any means. BUT (there is always a but), but I am no fool. I am not one who has….(wait Scoota stay on topic sir, dont get sucked into ‘that’ group of people.) *looks at self* Okay, let me go on.

     With the the growing use of technology, it has also brought the excitment of social networks (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) and text messaging. I understand that each only give you a certain number of characters (usually 140) a person can use to express a thought that is more than 140 words. So to combat that, we tend to shortcut or abbreviate words to get an entire point across. I totally understand, I really do. But I have reached a point in my adult life where I get very bothered by any individual over the age of 18 (and thats being generous) to use such poor grammer. Come on people, we must do better. The english language is such a great language that we butcher some terribly. No, Im not an english teach. And yes, I do my fair share of homicide of it, but I will never, I repeat, I will NEVER get on these public forums (FACEBOOK, Twitter is different its solely for entertainment) and show how terrible my grammer is like some of you idiots. Wait let me get you an example… *logs on to Facebook and scales newsfeed*


     I cant lie, if your friend could put a sentence together better than you just did, I would try to talk to her as well and use YOUR number to call you and get hers. IM JUST SAYING. This irritates me to the highest level. I am at a point now where if you are in my timeline, dashboard or mini-feed with this type of grammar I will INSTANTLY unfollow and/or defriend you. Even via text messages, you can pretty much expect me not to reply. NO questions asked. I cannot allow my eyes to witness how dumb you look, no better yet, how dumb you ARE! Because U r r3aLlY dUmb 4r3L!

And for those of you wondering, yes I went back and purposly read this blog 3 times to be sure I didnt make none, if any grammar mistakes. Must practice what I preach.

     Today, after my workout, I was so hungry! And with me TRYING to live a heathier lifestyle, I couldnt think of anything to eat. Near my gym is a Taco Bell, McDonalds, Happy Mexican, and the kicker of them all A Five Guys. (Now what PETTY individual, decides to put a Five Guys NEXT DOOR to a fitness center? Bastard!) On my drive home, I decide to stop and get a grill chicken salad from Exlines or commonly known as ‘Best Pizza In Town.’ With me being all sweaty, slighty musty and a little thrown, I find a spot where I would be seated by myself. I find a spot at the end of the bar with no soul in sight. Boom, pow, bam, Im in there. So I Bankhead Bounce to the bar stool and look over the menu. (No, I didnt actually bankhead bouce outwardly, but I did inwardly because I knew this salad was about to get the business…) I see there is a open beer bottle to my right, but didnt think of it. As I am reading over the menu, a huskie, tattooed, Jersey Shore hair cut man sits next to me. Out of his mouth, he says ‘nice day today huh?’ With a little hesitation and reservation, I reply back with, ‘yeah, pretty decent Monday in Memphis.’

     He then says, ‘man, it sucks being stuck here because of a passport freeze.’ I am still a little to myself but I encourage the conversation with ‘why is that my man?’ He goes on to explain that he cant leave the city ‘because President Obama is in town and they have shut this fucking city down. Cant do shit.’ (That’s right, MY president has shut this shit down! Now thats SHAKING LIFE! Yall niggas do it on the weekend, he does it err night. LITO!) I chuckle and say ‘yeah man its crazy.’ He goes on talking about the president, BTW, racial seperation, being an out of towner and coming to town to chill, kick it, sex chicks and smoke some bud. At this point, I KNOW the guy was wasted! (hints the empty beer bottle to my right, inwhich he sat.)

     In the midst of this unintentional exchange of words, he tells me about his personal struggle with life and dealing with rehab and family. My thoughts at this moment is ‘man, I just want to get this salad and be out man. Fall back.’ But something in my soul had me anchored to this bar stool that went from being occupied by one person to, two VERY different individuals engaging in dialog. He breaks out ‘hey, you heard of The Undertaker?’ I say, ‘yes.’ ‘Well man, thats my father. Dont I like just like him? See look. Yeah, thats my father. I wish I was as big as him. Hell I wouldnt have gotten my ass kick so much as a kid.’ He chuckles then takes the last swig of his beer. ‘Thats why I walked out of rehab today. The man thought I was lying about my dad so I said, fuck you, got my shit and left. Now Im just here waiting on my friend to get me.’ I was blown by the things I was hearing.

    The one thing that has stuck with me since this meeting was when he disclosed that he use to drink that heavy stuff, 100 proof alcohol, just because he was depressed and needed an escape. He would drink to get away from it all. As he rambled on about his family and life, I started to think about my own life. Yeah, I look like I am blessed, which I am. I can remember just 3 years ago, I had a knife, no thoughts or feelings, nothing to live for and every reason to just end it all. Until in the middle of putting that knife to my wrist, I heard a voice say ‘I give you peace. I give you perfect peace. Just give it all over to me. And I will give you peace.’ I vividly saw me crying, dropping the knife, reaching out for his comfort and feeling like I was wrapped in his arms. As I snapped out of my own issue I saw him begin to get emotional. All I could say was pray. I know things are the best right now, but know that because you are sitting here talking to me now, know that you STILL have a purpose on this Earth. It may be dark and stormy right now, but know on the other side of this storm, there will be a rainbow shining, waiting to greet you.

     So as you enter into a room and search ‘the empty spot by the bar.’ Be open to whoever or whatever decides to next to you. You may not have yourself ‘together’ remember there is someone out there that is worse than you. You may not be a preacher but you are a witness to the things God has done for you.

*In closing, God I ask that you continue to guide and protect your son, the gentleman that I encountered today. Let him know that your promise is STILL good. No matter how far he strays from your plan, let him know that you are still here waiting for his return with your arms wide open such as the Prodigal Son’s father did. Let him know that you will heal the hurt. Because YOU said that by YOUR stripes we are healed. So whatever it is that he is facing, he is victorious, he is destined to win, he STILL has a purpose in your perfect plan. I thank you in advance for HIS victory. You are God, and God alone. These blessings I ask in your marvelous son’s name I pray. Amen*

*walks into room of reporters and flashing cameras, step behind mic*

     First off, let me thank everyone for being here today. I want to thank all the followers, the loyal readers, the consistent bloggers, my family, my faithful supporters, the team and most importantly the organization. Its been a long time coming, but I always knew this day would come. And I stand before you today to announce this forthcoming event. As many of you know, I have held the general manager title for quit awhile now. And after many, many conversations with support system, I think its time for a change in my career and life.

     Before I make the announcement I want to say to the team, the organization and each individual player that I am forever in debt to you guys for your support and the trust you all have bestowed upon me during my time with this organization. This past year has been an awesome, awesome ride. I would not change any minute of it. We have stepped into battle hand and hand on every night. We stood strong through it all. Please know that no tear was in vain. Every conversation was heard. Every moment spent together in the locker room, on the practice court and during game day was very appreciated. You guys gave me your all and I gave every ounce of my mind, body and soul to you. You guys have made it tough to stand here before you today and face this day. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  

                                  *begins to tear up, cameras flash, clears throat*

     Now, for the hard part. I stand before you guys today to announce that I am stepping down from my general manager position of the team and organization. They say that everything happens in its due time. And I believe the time has come for me and the team and organization to part ways. This has been an amazing ride. We all have grown during our time together. We went from a 10 win team all the way to the league championship. A play here, a pass there and we could have been standing here all with championship rings on our fingers. We have been through it all. As once stated our time to part ways has come. I know many have asked ‘why now, why mid season, why step down now?’ I believe that once I cant not give my all to the team and organization, it is time to step back and let someone who can give there all step in. As of right now, I will take the position as consultant for the team and organization.

     I will be here to assist the organization to find a very qualified individual to be the next general manager and lead the team and continue in the successful tradition we have created here. The organization and each individual player will have a special place in my heart. I will continue to support the team and organization that has brought many memories that will never be replaced. Once again thank you to everyone here in attendance and tuned into. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

*Reporter voice* Well there you have it people. Scoota Boyd, has stepped down as general manager of the (insert team name here). In a emotional and out of the blue press conference, he said that he is no longer able to give his all to ‘the team’ and plans to find the next move in his career and life. Reports are saying that he has had thoughts of settling down and give all his time and energy to a single player. Stay tuned for the last. For (insert news station name here), I am Beverly Johnson reporting live from ‘It Is What It Is’

This Blog Is Not Yet Rated

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     *lays down Iris (my iTouch)

     As I sit here behind this computer screen, listening to music. I got this great idea for a blog. It will probably push the limits of my creativity. Im not a good writer nor do I have the creativity of those who are. But I do have a GREAT imagination. I can picture an entire movie, scene, event, anything in great detail. I was reading this zodiac thing (I dont believe them. But most are one point 90% of the time. And it said that where others may seduce you in person, an Aquarius (my sign) can and will seduce you via text. *thinks back over past conversations via text/BBM* SMH…yeah, its pretty true. But I digress. I have found a liking of putting words together to express myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my view on things.

     I remember watching an episode of Martin (at least that what I think it was). And a guy was spitting some poetry. (I need to get into back into poetry like I was once) It was a simple poem. He said that we listen to the words. Its not the words, its the spaces, the spaces, the spaces, the spaces, the ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….like that one! It was so funny, yet true. But this was not the direction of this blog. But I will let it serve as the COMING SOON for a future blog. #SoundTrackofLife. Yuuuup! *Trey Songz voice*

Huh, Wait, WHAT?!?! *Blank Stare*

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     What up readers, how is everyone feeling out there? Everybody good?  You good? *holds out fist for pound* Aight, thats whats up. Oh me, yeah, Im good. You know me. Slow rolling, chilling like a summer breeze in a hammock and a glass of Ciroc and Simply Lemonade on a Sunday afternoon. Life is good. Life is good mainly because of my encounters with random people and moments. Its December so you know what that means? A bunch of reflections on the year behind us. As I look back over the year, I have had A LOT of random moments in life. From friends, to ‘THE SQUAD’, family, text messages, tweets and facebook. But through it all, it made for a great year. 

     Anyone that knows me, truly know me, know that I love to laugh and smile. No matter what the situation is, I do whatever I can to smile, laugh and create the two. I will make a joke about anything. For example, my mom and I were having a conversation one day in the kitchen. We were talking about my female friends. (Which she likes to do often.) I cannot remember word for word what the conversation was about. But I believe I said something about having a few female friends and how they enjoy my company and personality. Then she looked up a me (she stands at 5’4, Im 6’1) and says, ‘YOU AINT NOTHING BUT A HOE!’ I looked down and said, ‘well the apple doesnt fall too far from the tree.’ Then made a sexy exit. Yeah, Im random like that. I love random moments.  

     Then there are those random moments that just takes time to wrap your head around it. I was talking to a friend that was engaged to this guy. The cat disappeared for about 4 days. No call, no text, no BBM, no tweet, the cock sucker didnt even send a SMOKE SIGNAL, NOTHING! After his disappearence, he comes back and says my friend hadnt changed and wanted to break off the engagement. HUH WAIT WHAT? THE HELL?!?! Dude, YOU porposed to her! She didnt ask for your hand in marriage. This one causes for a ‘niggas aint shit’ comment.

     Another moment was when I was friends with this one young lady. We hit it off tough and decided to hang out a little bit. We chilled one day and one thing led to another. The bed was added, clothes subtract, legs divded, strapped up to stop multipication and did the thang. Before it got any further, I stopped and asked if she was cool with everything that was going on. Of course she said yeah and we got down. We talked about it and how she wanted it next time. A few days passed and we did it again. Everythang was everythang. The next day she hit me up and said, Im done fucking with you. You havent done anything wrong. Its just that, Im feeling you and I dont like it at all. So you can delete my number and forget all about me. Please and thanks. HUH, WAIT, WHAT??? Damn, did I just get got?!?!

     The latest moment was last night. I was talking to a friend and she said that she ‘couldnt believe how narrow my mind is.’ I was pretty confused. I didnt understand. So after work I called and asked what did she mean. She said that she was just saying and didnt know. (My biggest pet peeve is when someone makes a statement that they mean, you ask where that come from or what does it mean and the trick says ‘I dont know’ that shit is so irritating.) I asked where did it come from. She answered, I was reading your blog and you are just so narrow minded. Me, Burr??? You are narrow minded because of YOUR reactions to YOUR feelings. HUH, WAIT, WHAT?!?! Hold on, Im narrow minded because of MY reactions to MY feelings. Explain please. I dont know. I laugh loudly and hang up. SMH…

     Yeah, lots of random shit happens in my life. Its all good because I still get a good laugh from it all. So whenever some random stuff happens and you dont quit understand it off hand. Stop and say HUH, WAIT, WHAT?!?!

*phone buzzes, reads text message*

Sender: Hmm…Scoota. I dont know how to tell you this, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, Im pregnant, 3 months.

Me: HUH, WAIT, WHAT?!?! Daaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnn!!!!